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Post by Meurig » Sat Feb 14, 2004 3:02 am

Originally posted by Sjet vs. Kerrigan:
I didn't mean add a strip of polygons. I meant to take a strip of polygons that have the saucer material, and give them the registry material. That still wouldn't avoid the problem of multiple ships with the same registry.
Perfectly possible, and very sensible too. I textured my NX-01 like that.

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Post by TheStressPuppy » Sat Feb 14, 2004 4:10 am

I know most of you want to see the registrys put on the new models. I can do it but it will cost. I will explain how..

If you look at the IaW/BTFF models you will notice that the upper and lower saucer textures are a simple single 256x256 sheet. Which is acceptable because there isnt much detail on a TOS ship so we can work with lower resolutions. Therefore we can put the ship registry on because nothing is cut or mirrored.

Now we come to SoA/TW/HaG/HW2? and beyond modelling. With the exception of my excelsior all the saucer textures are split up into 2 or more sections. Basicly we only texture 1/4 of the saucer then mirror that same texture to fill in the rest. The Constellation is using that technique now using 4 small sheets to fill the entire saucer area. this will increase the resolution seen in the HW engine while keeping the 32 meg max texture memory limit. anything beyond will give you our old friend texture corruption. This applys more for HW1 than anything. i have yet to see corruption in Cat.

IF we were to put the reg's on we would have to re-create, and retexture damn near all of the SoA, TW, and HaG models

Now that SvK explained his idea in more detail i can see where it could work. BTW Has anyone tried to line up 2 different sized textures? and make them match resolution wise? :mad: [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Capt Pierce says i got a hangup about the reg's. I assure you its quite the opposite. I want to see them. i dont think a fed model is complete without them. The reason im not putting them on is because none of the other new SoA models have them. There is also the multiple ship with the same name and reg number issue so i see no point unless its a unique hero ship (like the enterprise)

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Post by Captain Pierce » Sun Feb 15, 2004 4:22 pm


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Post by FendeR » Sun Feb 15, 2004 5:28 pm

Someday, I'll own one of these biatches...:grinangel

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