Ambush - Part III (Slaughter)

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Post by EnDYmiON » Wed May 04, 2005 6:05 pm

I don't know if anyone is reading this forums anymore. [img]tongue.gif[/img] If anyone is, should I edit my posts so that it only takes on thread? Or keep making a seperate thread for each part? (I'm no where near done, it might be 11 to 12 parts.)

Slaughter (Ambush - Part III)

The sky was suddenly full of bright streaks of white. They rose through the greenish-blue sky and were lost in the glare of the twin suns. Fredrick watched through the LCD as the lead tank tried to take a hard right to escape. It was in vain. Had the rockets not been self guided the maneuver may have saved it. Henry had already finished loading another plasma bolt onto a rocket ready for his PBL as his first rocket made contact with the heavy tank. Fredrick had zoomed in on this just in time to see the quick, blinding flash of the plasma bolt’s containment field collapsing as it impacted the heavy tank's armor. The tank jerked to a halt. Several more flashes followed and the LCD dimmed to protect Fredrick’s eyes. Two more tanks stuttered to a stop several meters ahead of the heavy tank as the munitions inside it cooked off. The secondary explosion ripped through the once powerful machine’s hull tossing shrapnel for hundreds of meters like shreds of paper. Fredrick switched to the other tanks that had been stopped and found personnel escaping from the smoked out hatches. There was a muffled thump beside him and another rocket was airborne. He ignored this and warned the others over the comm of the survivors. Everyone acknowledged the threat. He then laid the PBL down in the dust to his right, quickly assembled a rocket and shoved it home into the back of the PBL. He raised the metallic tube and targeted the rear heavy tank. It had already begun to turn around and fall back as the rocket’s fins grabbed at the air and exploded towards the escaping tank. Fredrick put down the PBL and built another rocket having no need to watch the kill this time. Another flash. Fredrick had another plasma bolt loaded when a voice reported all the armor neutralized over their earpieces. He quickly lowered the PBL tube and switched its safety on as he placed it on the ground. He slid off the ledge and grabbed at his pulse rifle. Henry followed him as he made his way down the hillside, his pulse rifle un-slung and safety switched off. That's when an energy shell vaporized a patch of rock right in their path as the *sizzle-crack* of pulse rifles echoed through the cliff side.

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Post by Calavan » Wed May 04, 2005 10:58 pm

sorry, I don't have time to read all three stories right now (but I will later), but I was really suprised to see anybody here. I've given up on this place, because frankly I don't think many people on this forum really care about reading other people's fiction, and anyone who does has probably left. I've found a great place at and now post semi-regularly there. I'm The Man in Black in case you drop in. I'll read it and try to post sometime, but I don't think you'll find much more. If you're really interested in writing and want to better yourself, I'd strongly suggest start visiting there. It's a nice place.


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