Ambush - Part I (Preperation for Tomarrow)

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Post by EnDYmiON » Wed Apr 27, 2005 10:12 pm

Preperation for Tomarrow (Ambush - Part 1)

A gentle wind blew across the plains. The seas of grass rolled like ocean waves in the distance almost shimmering. Fredrick made his way to the cliff’s edge overlooking the tall grass of the Great Plains. His companions had set up camp opposite the grassy plains and he had taken it on his own to scout ahead; the pulse rifle he carried hummed its share of concern. The twin suns of Kal D’Jar were quickly taking refuge behind the horizon as he raised his combat binoculars and scanned the edge of the rolling grass thirty kilometers out with a hunter’s eye. A gust shot up the cliff blowing Fredrick’s blond, pony-tailed hair and weapon strap about his broad shoulders. That’s when he saw them, the enemy armor moving to meet up with the rest of its division. Fredrick and his men had been tracking the armor for quite some time now. It consisted of a few heavy, tracked tanks accompanied by some light armor, both wheeled and tracked. They had yet to count the number of support troops but it didn’t matter. The armor was going to cut straight through the sea of grass and Fredrick’s men would be waiting. He watched as the enemy set up their own camp, breaking out the camo-tents to shelter the armor. He smiled and switched the binoculars to infrared. The engine compartments glowed a hellish white creating large spots across enemy camp along with the many, smaller human sized heat signatures. He chuckled despite himself. The camouflage only worked because all the satellites on this world were gone. The thought of the enemy spotting him, however, never rose in his mind as he lay on that cliff side. His combat suit masked his heat signature and worked to match his surroundings much like a chameleon. Satisfied, he lowered the binoculars and made his way back to the camp. They would need rest for the carnage tomorrow morning.

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