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This isnt done bar far, but i just want a fresh look form other people on it. I will edit the first post as i work on it, it should be atleast twice this long when its done.

Darth Malice, Dark Lord of the Sith

Born Davin Suba on the planet of Nar Shardda into a poor and unnoticed family. He began his live working one of the cantinas, it was here as if by chance that he was discovered and taken to the Jedi Academy in the Yavin system, whether this was by chance or merely fate is anyone guess. At the time Davin was just a young boy cleaning the tables for scum that seem to be drawn to Nar Shadaa like bugs to bright light however on this day if not for a wondering Jedi it could have been Davin last.

A drunken Rodian was not happy with Davin service and pulled a pistol out boy taking a shot. It appeared as if by luck that shot missed and screeched past his ear but in truth the boy knew a Jedi trick, he had very weak buy usually ability to see thing just before they happened and this is properly how he managed to survive so long in a place such as this.

The Rodian took another shot only to see the boy ducked under a table. As the Bounty hunter took aim again a man appear in front of him. The Rodian looked up and snarled a curse in his native tongue. To his shock his weapon flew out of his hand and straight into the strangers. The man waved his hand and then spoke
The Rodian Replied in his native tongue
“I shall leave”
And with that the Rodian suddenly stood up and left, it was clear to all around what this man was, he was indeed a Jedi of Skywalkers new order. The man walked over the table were the boy had been hiding and peered under it and extended his hand and spoke
“Its ok now, he is gone, you are safe now”
Davin spoke
“You’re a Jedi aren’t you?”
The man smiled, Davin took his hand and the Jedi back to his ship to be taken to Yavin so he could begin his journey down the path of a Jedi knight.

Davin learning at the Jedi Academy slow compared to rest of his class in the ways of the force. The rest of his class seemed to excel at everything compared to him, jealously and anger began to set in as he seemed to be the last to master everything, everything bar the art of Lightsaber combat which at least gave him something to be proud of.

The one person that stopped him from giving up and returning to a more normal life was another Jedi, Saris Spitar. They had grown close over their time together and friendship soon turned into love. It was this relationship that helped strengthen Davin and help him to catch up with the rest of his class.

Life was not to remain so tranquil, 10 years after he had begun his time at the Academy, now a Jedi Knight, he and a group of 2 fellow Jedi knights were sent on a mission to planet to remove the threat of unknown origin however things did not go as planned.

When the group arrived on the planet they all sensed the Dark Side, the overwhelming power of it made their stomachs ache. As they began to get closer the source of it the feeling of nausea began to increase, the planet seemed to consumed by hate, anger, and fear, never had a Jedi set foot on a place such as this.

When the group arrived at the source something strange happened, a bright light appeared and a lightning bolt struck Davin, why him and none of the others shall never been known but chances being it struck just a random person of the group. What had struck Davin was the spirit of a long dead Sith Lord that was attempting to take over his body. Davin fell to the floor, his body started to spasm, inside his body Davin and the Sith Lord were battling for control, this was not a battle over power of the force but a battle of sheer will. Something unexpected happened, Davin defeat the ancient Sith spirit and thus some of its power and mind merged with him.

Davin stopped twitching and began to stand tall, the Jedi looked at him and could sense the Dark Side in him, believing he had been taken over by the Sith spirit the ignited their lightsabers and charged at him. With lightning reflexes Davin ignited his and began to defend their blows. He pleaded with them to stop that he wasn’t the evil spirit but they would not listen believing it was just a trick to get them off guard. Anger quickly set in, blinded by rage and fueled by the power that he had just been infused with he quickly defeated the pair.

As the anger passed he looked down at his former comrades, relishing that the rest of the Jedi would act the same he fled, it was this moment that he started down the path of the Dark Side.

As months began to pass, being separated from his lover and the portion of an ancient Sith Lord within he slowly became consumed by the Dark Side, this however would not be his fate only. His lover Saris became obsessed with finding him, everyone but her believed he was dead like the rest of his former comrades.

Davin continued his training using holocrons that he acquired from many different locations and it was by chance that he was reunited with his love while on Coruscant a few years later. Saris and a fellow Jedi had been sent to discover the source of some break in on the local museum, the local guards had no luck in stop a unknown intruder from breaking in a few weeks before, several had been badly injured trying to stop him. When the alarm went Saris and her comrade were quick to respond. As soon as she arrived Davin sensed her straight away, her called to her
“Saris, is that you, it has been such a long time since I have been able to gaze upon you, to long”
Saris blinded by her feelings for her lover, blinding to her senses so she could feel the Dark Side in him, she cried out
“Davin! What happened to you, why did you disappear like that, why did you leave me”?
Before he could respond her comrade ignited his Lightsaber and exclaimed
“That isn’t Davin anymore”
He charged though Saris towards Davin, Saris quickly ignited her Lightsaber and leaped over him blocking his path. She exclaimed
“What are you doing, leave him alone!”
“Saris, what are you doing, cant you sense it, he is consumed by the Dark Side” he replied
“No” she replied
Davin smiled
“That’s why I had to leave, the two Jedi I was with before I disappeared the same, that’s why I had to leave you, they tried to kill me, I don’t know why, I don’t understand why master Skywalker would want me dead”
Saris paused for a moment.
“Search your feeling, you know I would never leave you, would never leave you” said Davin
“But why would master Skywalker do that to us?” Saris said
“I don’t know, but the Jedi attacks again, not me, Master Skywalker always taught us to use the Force for defense, never attack yet look at him, I never attacked or harm him, he just wanted to kill me” Said Davin
Saris looked at the Jedi
“He is right, those are the teachings of master Skywalker”
The Jedi stood bemused, confused, not knowing what to say
“See he even knows the truth, his guilt has sealed his lips,” said Davin.

Anger consumed Saris, all that she had been taught was a lie, her former master was clearly not the force goodness that he betrayed, as anger overwhelmed her she charged at the Jedi who tried to defend against her violent furry of attacks which quickly overwhelmed him. With a twirl of her Lightsaber she chopped of the hand holding the Jedi Lightsaber and sent it flying into the air. The Jedi dropped to the ground and without mercy she swung her Lightsaber round decapitating the Jedi in one swing. Saris turned off her Saber and ran to her lover and cuddled up to him
“It has been so long my love, I hope we never part again”
“Never again but I fear we will never be safe while Skywalker is hunting us”

As time passed by Davin slowly corrupted Saris, helping her treed further down the Dark path towards damnation. His dreams plagued by vision of a long dead planet, its soil covered in blood, the winds screamed like Banshees. With every night the dreams intensified, slowly the image of a tomb appeared; it was as if it was calling to him, beckoning him to go to it. One night he awoke, he shook Saris
“Come we must go”
“Go? Where?” she asked
“I don’t know but I do know, I cant explain, I just know we have to go” Davin replied
Saris looked puzzled but followed. They traveled for months towards the planet in Davins dreams, guided by what appeared to be visions but in truth were memories from the Spirit that was now part of Davin, memories of the temple on Ziost after the Republic destroyed his people milliner ago.

Their shuttle glided towards the surface, the Lambda’s, her wings slowly moved upwards position in preparation for landing, three sets of doors slid open on its underside and a metallic landing strut lowered from each. With a thump she came into contact with the planets surface, a few jets of steam sprayed from her understand and then the boarding ramp began to lower. Davin and Saris began to descend down the ramp, Davin looked round
“Which way?” asked Saris
Davin pondered for a moment and then pointed
“That way”
Davin then walked in the direction he pointed too followed by Saris. As they walked the surrounding area was filled with relics of a long dead race, the trees withered and dead, the air wailed and stunk of rot and decay, the ground was covered in craters and it appeared the planet had been bombarded by either a orbiting fleet or meteorites.

After walking for some time they approached a cliff, Davin scanned over it for a few moment then waved his hand. Suddenly a few boulders began to move to reveal a large golden doorway which shinned in the moonlight. He walked over to and held his hand against it, the doors began to rumble and slowly slide open, they gazed down the opening into the darkness, torches started to light on either side illuminating the passage way. Davin headed straight down the passage without hesitation, Saris followed slightly confused
“Davin, why are we here?”
Davin turned to her and smiled
“To get something to help protect us from Skywalker and his Jedi, so we can be together in safety, with no worries and not having to look over our backs every minute of every day”

The light reflected of the golden surface of the heavily inscribed walls, covered in writings of a ancient and long dead race, Davin understood the writing, it was the language of the Sith. The pair walked for what felt like hours, tired and worn out they arrived at a central chamber, in the center stood a large golden furnace, surrounded by four pillar that extended to the full height of the room, carved into them were ancient symbols. Two spirits appeared in front them
“Lord Palguis, you have returned to us, is this you apprentice?”
Davin smiled
“Lord Palguis is part of now, I am Davin, and I was lead here by though a vision, I come to carry on the tradition that Lord Bane”
Davin points to Saris
“This is my companion and apprentice Saris, we wish to destroy the order of the Jedi Knights once and for all, to succeed were Lord Sidious failed”
The fire in the Furnish began to flare out in all direction and then the spirits smiled
“Very well young one, you have proven yourself worthy of the Title, now receive our blessing “
The flames in the Furnish began to shot into all directions, and them two intense flames shot and struck Davin and Saris in turn, they rose into the air, arms stretched as the pure power of the Dark Side was infused into them. Suddenly the flames went out and the room was dark. The torches on the outside of the room ignited again, Davin and Saris were no more. Darth Malice and Darth Silagui were born.

Lord Malice took his apprentice Lady Silagui into hiding on the desert planet of Tatioone to prepare for the time they would be ready to move on the Jedi order and finish the work the Lord Silagui failed to finish. As part of Silagui training he sent her on many missions, one was the assassination of a republic senator.

Malice knew that in order to remove the treat of the Jedi Order he would have to remove the Republic as well, Sidous’s efforts of destroying the Galactic Republic had proven these than successful and indeed caused more and in the long wrong resulted in the creation of a stronger Jedi order. A new approach would be needed, chaos, chaos on a Galactic scale. The first part of Malice’s plan was to secure a small fleet while Silagui was out searching the galaxy for a cloning facility. Malice offered his services to a small band of ex imperials that had turned pirate.

Malice roared out of hyperspace, in the distance the Imperator Star Destroyer Stalker could be seen, her Armour plated hull glistened against the light of the nearby star. A voice came over the COM system
“This is the Imperator Star Destroyer Stalker, state your purpose in our space”
Malice remained silent and again a voice came over the COM system again
“This is your last warning, state your name and business or prepare to be destroyed”
“This is Lord Malice, I have business with the admiral, he is expecting me” Malice replied in a cold yet firm voice.
“Please transmit your authorization code,” the voice said again
“Now transmitting code,” replied Malice as he began to transmit the code
There was a short pause and then the voice came over the COM again
“Code accepted, please proceed to the main hanger bay, one of our officers shall great you”
Malice shuttle continued it on its way the hanger bay, within a few moments it had touched down on the landing deck. The boarding ram began to lower, and Malice stepped down the ram he was greeted by a Imperial officer, his uniform covered in dirt and grime, standing at either side were storm troopers with their rifles trained on Malice. Malice’s Black robes obscured his face, the officer looked at him
“Welcome friend, what is your business with the Admiral?”
Malice waved his hand
“You need not worry yourself with those matters”
“I need not worry myself with those matters” replied the officer
“Take me to the Admiral” continued Malice
“I will take you to the Admiral” the officer replied
Malice looked at the storm troopers and waved his hand
“You will remain here”
Both of the Storm troopers replied
“I will remain here”
The Officer then turned and headed towards the door at the far end of the docking bay, Malice followed.

The doors on the turbo lift opened, Malice stepped out, the bottom on his robes dragging along the floor, at the far end of the bridge a tall gray haired man stood
“Greetings, Mr, Malice was it?”
“Lord Malice” snarled Malice
“Yes, yes, of course it was, so you wish to serve us, a honorable cause indeed,” said the Admiral but before he could finish his sentence Malice interrupted him.
“Not at all, I was looking forward to you serving me and my cause, a much more honorable cause indeed”
The Admiral laughed
“And why would we serve a man such as yourself”
Malice raised his arm and began to close his thumb and one of his fingers together; the Admiral began to clutch at his throat.
“Because you would rather be with me than against me”
One of the officers on the bridge slowly began to unholster his pistol; Malice turned and gazed at him, he shock his head and extended his other arm. Blue bolts of energy shot from his fingertips and impacted on the man chest, the smell of burning flesh filled the room, the bridge crew cowered in terror.
“What do you say Admiral?” asked Malice
Gasping for breath the Admiral replied
“We are yours to command”
Malice smiled and released the admiral from his grip, the bolts of energy stopped shooting out from his fingertips. He pointed to another officer on the bridge and then to charred remains
“Remove this thing from my sight”
“Yes my lord” replied the Officer who quickly removed the remains of his fellow comrade.

Malice now in possession of a small fleet headed towards the planet of Wayland were he had been informed of the location of hidden clone machine, it was clear that not all of the Grand Admirals Thrawns cloning complexes had been destroyed by the republic. From this location he would start the creation of a army, the process would be very slow and tiring and he would need more than a troops, his fleet was rather limited, a mere two Imperator Star Destroyers and handful of frigates he would have to start the construction of ship yards near the hidden planet of Ziost.

His cloning attempts went un detected for several years, it was shortly after the first batch of his cloned storm troopers was finished that a Republic agent stumbled upon the operation as if by chance.

Malice gazed over the small underground complex, on the far right storm trooper regiments could be seen doing typical combat drills in preparation for the inevitable up coming war, to the left the next batch of troopers could be seen growing in their chambers, thousands upon chambers extending high along cavern wall. A small Imperial officer approached the Dark Lord
“My lord, you have a incoming transmission from Lady Silagui”
Malice nodded and headed straight to the holo chamber, upon his entrance the chamber the holographic image of his apprentice appeared in front of him.
“Lord Malice, the cloned workers you sent have just about finished the first of the yards and should be done a week before schedule ‘
Malice smiled
“Excellent, have you managed to convince more to join the cause?”
“Just one Imperator Star destroyer however we have found the hulls of Two Victory Star destroyers which could be repaired with relative ease” She said
Malice smiled then he felt something
“It appears we have a guest, continue as planned”
The holographic image of Lady Silagui quickly vanished; Malice turned and headed towards the entrance the cavern.

“Old friend, is that you?” Malice said as he approached the entrance
“Davin, is that you” the Jedi said
Malice smiled
“What has happened to you, what have you become?” the Jedi said
“I was lost but now I am found, it is a shame we have to meet again so soon” Malice
The Jedi ignited his Lightsaber; a green blade began to shine in the darkness
“I sense the Dark Side in you, how could you haven from grace like this, how could you have been so weak and given into the temptation of the easy path”
“Weak, I am far from weak” Malice said
Malice ignited his Lightsaber; his dark red blade began to shine in the darkness
“The Dark side has given power beyond your wildest dreams, enough of this”
With that Malice charged at the Jedi, their blades danced in the darkness, Malice’s blows rained down upon the Jedi with a relentlessness that soon took its toll upon the Jedi. Malice blade sliced though the Jedi’s Lightsaber power supply, cutting the hilt in half.
“Indeed old friend, the Dark Side has made me weak” Laughed Malice
With one swing Malice decapitated the Jedi and quickly returned to the main chamber to order the evacuation of the facility for he knew that Republic forces would arrive soon.

The Republic did arrive but not until the last the fleet entered hyperspace, it would have been clear to the Republic that Imperials had been on the planet, but with the destruction of the cloning facility they would only be able to speculate as to what they had been up to and the Sith presence still remained unknown to them only to be revealed when Malice felt the time was right.

Malice’s plans had been halted but not stopped, he returned to the Ziost system with his small fleet to continue his work and build up his forces in secret.

After many years of building up his forces the time came, his forces moved on the Corporate sector Authority and quickly overwhelmed them. His attack could not have been better timed, on Coruscant the New Republic and remnants of the Empire were signing a cease-fire, however Lady Silagui put a stop to this.

With the assassination of the lead diplomats of the Republic and the Empire war was imminent, Admirals, sector leaders became disconcerted with their governing bodies and a few small groups broke away forming small factions. Many of the Imperial Warlords banded together for protection. A few of the rogue warlords joined Lord Malice and soon his small forces bolstered into sizeable task force. As his forces grew his conquests of the local systems increases. Within a few months Malice had gained dominion over a few systems. From this the Galactic Imperium was formed.

All had gone as he had foreseen and all that was left to do was continue the work that many other Sith Lords had started, the destruction of the Jedi order, once and for all.

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