3 Cows and a Philosopher

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Obviously just a bare beginning, but it's five minutes work, inspired by the 20 cents a word reward at the scifi channel's website's fiction [img]smile.gif[/img] I'll of course be adding more soon, just thought I'd post it up:

Above my head three glistening spheres of god knows what shot back and forth between the dozen or so information nodes resting in the walls of the room I now occupied. Each time one arrived at a node, it glowed in rapid succession blue, purple, bright green, and finally again taking on the silver shine it had started with. Presumably the change in color was a convenience that allowed observes to ascertain the darting thing’s progress, at least so far as I could gather from my very limited stores of technical data. Even the most mundane technical activities puzzled me, and something as simple as preparing custom news broadcast in my own home, was no exception.
I was at this time a self proclaimed philosopher, a bull shit artist if you will, but I didn’t reach that particular conclusion until very late in my life. So, for the sake of the moment, you may think of me as one of the world’s foremost thinkers.
Whilst the three spheres leapt from node to node, I’d been gathering together my breakfast of an authentic Jewish bagel (one of the several dozen I’d recently had transported to my residence in the last several months since my first, glorious visit to New York), a glass of orange juice, and a massive pot of heavily sweetened Martian coffee. The latter item was actually grown in some odd orbiting hydroponics station, at least my supplier made that assertion, but the claim was most likely a means of dodging interplanetary shipping taxes, since orbiting facilities apparently don’t count (an odd piece of legislation, that).
I sat down and took a quick bite of my bagel, egg in nature by the way, and stared up angrily at my report bubbles which were taking far to long. To the anguish of my already prematurely failing hearing (this was a particularly sensitive point to me considering my years upon this Earth numbered slightly less than 45) I found that their alarms had rung... popped though is a more accurate description of the sound, indicating a completed compilation without me taking note until now. I pushed a final bit of bagel out from between my teeth with my tongue and ordered a run through of the week’s more interesting news, as my custom parameters saw fit to include.
The three spheres melded together, coalescing into a flat screen before the headlines included in its compilation slowly began marching across it.
Beyond some border moon withdrawing from the System Compact nothing of interest came up until 17 headlines had passed by. The particular point of interest happened to be one I found very interesting, enough so that I hardly noticed when I spilled half a cup of coffee on sweater clad midsection.
The headline read: “Life Supporting Planet Twice the Size of Earth Located Outside of the Solar System.” Simple, cut only barely to fill its role as a headline, and sufficiently amazing to grab my attention. A new planet? I thought to myself. One that supports life! A chance to experience something truly new, something to silence the foolish arguments against evolution! A way to truly mesh myself into the future history books of human society. I would travel to this planet, and no one would stop me from getting there.

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