Crypt - The Second Dark Age

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Post by reapernoire » Wed Sep 10, 2003 8:39 pm

Time… Vast… Infinite… Time gives birth to the past the present and dreams of the future.
In the present Great deeds and terrible tragedies occur, they fall into the past. Most fall into the darkness of history a footnote only important to few.
Some are however Great or Terrible enough to become legend.
While the past fades out of memory, legends survive on, recounted over and over.
Legends then fall down two paths, continuing as they have for eternity, or becoming distorted to try and rekindle the spark of the tale. Distortion becomes myth no longer legend but instead a grand story too good to be forgotten yet too incredible to be believed.
Myth falls back onto the treadmill of time, unlike legend it will eventually fall, not as quickly as history, but still fading into the shadows of the past out of human memory.
The watchers new this, they saw how incredible their present was and how it would become legend, but at the same time had the foresight to realise their time was too incredible to stay legend, and the Myth would trick the ignorant into complacency leaving them open to consumption by the shadow of time.
In stone and metal they recorded their present so that it would not be lost.
Sadly time corrupted by what would become a lost myth had other plans, and the watchers were forced to hide, taking only a fraction of their story, the rest falling out of their grasp kept from history, denied legend immediatly beomcing Myth, dissappearing to the unknown, until a time when it is discovered that Myths can once again become Legend…
No matter how great or terrible they are.

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Post by deathblane » Wed Sep 10, 2003 9:20 pm

Good start [img]smile.gif[/img] . I take it you're building up to something?

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Post by reapernoire » Wed Sep 10, 2003 9:41 pm

Probably... depends how bored i get in my free time ;)

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Post by Calavan » Wed Sep 10, 2003 10:23 pm

looks good, but kinda hard to follow ;)

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Post by reapernoire » Thu Sep 25, 2003 11:50 pm

The dig was reaching its pinnacle, 6 months of searching 4 months of digging all to be met by a plain thick metal door.
The dig had started off badly from the outset, minimal interest had led to minimal funding, most experts scoffed at the evidence which had first brought the idea of the dig to light.
A great battle, which after translation and several re-translations, could only be read as a great battle of good versus evil, or some said The Light versus The Darkness, the translations were very rough, as the language was a mixture of Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and something no-one could quite place.
The book containing these lines, had been dated to somewhere around the middle ages dating had been difficult, as a strange energy that scientists could only describe as a currently unknown radiation, emanated from the book, yet the book was made of iron and paper no-one could work out where the ‘radiation’ came from.
The rest of the book proved even more difficult to translate than the text on the metal cover.
The first 6 pages could best be described as warnings and wardings, it had taken two years to decipher or at least have a vague idea what the first quarter of the book was about.
165 pages in two years and not even all of those first 165 had been legibly translated. What could be deciphered was an account of when people lived in fear of terrible creatures, of undead and in some cases Demons. It began an epic story of a battle to stop the Darkness/Evil from taking over a time when magic was not a dream but a reality. For another 8 years the rest of the book was translated as best as could be done, this great battle carried on for many tens of years sadly as more of the book was translated, more experts and historians dismissed the book as a myth and probably created by a Lord/Baron to keep his people in check.
But a small few stayed with it up to the end, the end being what could be described as a crypt.
A titanic battle occurred there, The Crypt was translated and described in several different ways, a place of power, a library, hope.
Somewhere of great importance it was evident, but towards the last few pages referred to it differently, it was referred to as a place of great tragedy of death. It was now referred to as a tomb…

The last page was a map and a description of the location of the tomb with a warning that this information was not intended to lead people to the place but to make it known so that people could stay away.
Arrogance or Ignorance take your pick, Humans are very adept at both. The few who had remained working on the book, now searched for more people to join them or fund them. They had decided that while the book was indeed a great tale, maybe there was something to this ‘Crypt’ maybe it was where a king or similar had laid there prized possessions, in which case it was worth finding.
That brings us back to the people at the dig, stood staring at this large metal door. It was indeed plain and non-descript, but by it being metal it was enough to arouse interest, a fully metal door for the time was nigh-on unheard of massive expense would have been incurred, This ‘King’ it was now decided must have really been very adamant about protecting his possessions.
Most to be honest weren’t exactly sure what to expect when they opened the door, but none were prepared for the smell. An awful stench of decay met them, few remained standing as the rest began to run away heaving.
Several hours later the smell was bearable and people began to return, shining lights just inside the doorway it soon became apparent where the smell had come from. Being deep underground moisture had, had no where to go and so had stayed forming a thick layer of sludge on the ground, surrounding and clinging, to bones and weapons and armour, so many bones it was unsure how many exactly were there and no one was about to carry them. The sludge slower trickled out of the doorway onto the surrounding earth.
The inside seemed to go on for about 20 feet a long passageway with side entrances arrayed down it with a main entrance at the end of the corridor again metal, but not plain.
4 days of slowly removing and documenting the bones and war gear and clearing away the sludge, people could now enter the side entrances. Most were non-descript and empty, but a few were filled with shelves of books and scrolls, books filled with the same writing as the one that had led them here and scrolls with what they assumed to be writing but didn’t have the first clue as to what language.
As books, scrolls, bones, weapons and armour were removed interest was rekindled.
Maybe the discovery was worth money and that’s why people became interested again, whatever the reason, the experts and historians came back and tried to take over. With the site now teaming with people work upon it progressed quickly, the side rooms were all scrutinized and documented, the bones proved odd as they were shown to many different people who all came to the conclusion that many of the bones were not normal human remains and in some cases weren’t human, while the archaeologists and biologists scrutinised over the bones, the historians had sent the books and scrolls off to begin the painstaking attempt at translation while they remained at the site going over the second metal doors inscriptions, most complained that they should open the door and look inside, some were able to keep there composure and pointed out that the first door should never have been opened, who knew what diseases could have been festering among the corpses over the years, it had been sheer luck that nothing had happened, and until the site was properly prepared the second door would not be opened, the others merely grumbled and continued to work on what they had.
Samples were taken from the crypt and like the original book they were found to have the strange radiation but in a greater concentration, the site was nearly closed at this point but the strange radiation was deemed to be harmless in the short term, research continued into it to check for long term effects.
Work continued until the day finally came, all but essential people were ordered to a safe distance from the site, and the small few remaining stood in front of the door, its three large metal bolts thicker than your arm and longer than a man, barring entry. One by one, each bolt was pulled back by the team present, even after they were removed crowbars were still need to lever the door open.
This time the group wasn’t greeted by a foul odour or sludge around their ankles, the room appeared odourless and dry, pointing there torches inside the light shone in and was swallowed by the darkness, and nothing could be seen.
Throwing in break lights, it was apparent that there was a floor but still the break lights couldn’t illuminate more than a foot around them. The team came back to the surface declaring all was safe and to bring up the flood lights.
After several hours the floodlights and their generators were set up and running cutting through the darkness showing the people what they had found, and what a find they had indeed discovered.
Five arranged in a pentagon around a plinth, what exactly these five things were was undecided.
Each roughly 7 foot tall looking like large crystals, blood red, balanced precariously on golden pedestals. The plinth in the middle held a large book, what appeared to be pages of silver with a thick gold cover encrusted with jewels, heavy iron clasps held the book down to the table.
Behind each giant crystal against the wall was a massive stone tablet, the writing upon them was inlaid with silver, everyone inside was in awe of the room, thoughts of a kings treasure were gone, this indeed was a place of great importance, a cry came up from one of the team and all were snapped out of there awe and turned to him.
‘There’s…there’s erm something inside this crystal’ the man took a few steps back, some of the others gathered around his crystal the rest moved to the others.
Inside each of the crystals was a figure, cloaked in black, the deep red of the crystals distorting the shapes but still apparent that they were humanoid shaped, one of the men cupped his hands like a child looking in the window of a sweet shop, and pushed his nose up against the crystal to try and see better. A cry rang up from the rest of the team as the crystal fell.
Slamming into the floor everyone jumped back, the crystal cracked along several faults, a smoke began to seep through the cracks slowly filling the floor of the room, members of the team ran for the door, but to there horror it was closing, as it clanged shut the generators for the flood lights failed and they were all bathed in darkness again, attempting to turn there flash lights on fear gripped them as the chamber began to reverberate with a deep dark chanting…

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Post by deathblane » Sat Sep 27, 2003 8:11 pm

Very good [img]smile.gif[/img] . Sutably mysterious and climatic....

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Post by reapernoire » Tue Sep 30, 2003 5:28 pm

Torches on the walls spontaneously sprouted flame, illuminating the chamber, the light passing through the crystals lending a red hue to the room.
The majority of the team had remained where they had been before the lights went out, but the one who had been leaning against the crystal now lay on the floor on top of the shattered remnants, his life leaving him in a red pool around his body and the crystal.
Looming over him as though his spirit had stayed to pay its last respects, the black figure from in the crystal looked down upon him, the held his arms aloft and joined in with the chanting that seemed to emanate from the walls of the chamber raising to an almost deafening sound, the team clutched at their heads and fell to the floor screaming and crying.
For what felt like an age the chanting continued, the crystals began to glow, the central pedestal and the book upon it also began to glow and shimmer the room began to shake, small balls of light began to do circuits around the room smoke appeared from no where. The lights, the noise, the shaking, nausea took over the teams bodies, noses spurted blood uncontrollably, bloody vomit filled mouths, eyes began to weep tears and blood then almost as a blessing the silence of unconsciousness took over them all.

Peterson was one of the last to regain consciousness, panic gripped him as he couldn’t move his body, his limbs refused to do as he willed, a scream from across the chamber managed to gain his attention. The room had gone back to being lit only by the torches and the chanting had ceased, at the main door he could here people outside banging upon it shouting, the people who had been waiting at the safe zone must have heard what had occurred and come to investigate. The black figure stood in front of Michelle who was some how splayed across one of the crystals though he could see no bonds keeping here there, she was crying uncontrollably, the figure faintly chanting the book from the central pedestal open in one hand, slowly it reached into its cloak, and removed a long black dagger, Michelle didn’t even notice it her eyes jammed shut with the tears, the rest of the team like Peterson all on the floor unable to move began to scream and plead, but the figure paid no heed.
In the blink of an eye the figure had slashed across Michelle’s abdomen, her eyes flashing open in horror her mouth opened wide and she wailed in pain, the figure then slashed across her chest and throat, blood trickling down soaking her clothes. Returning the blade to its robe, the figure now took its free hand and placed it on her forehead, her screaming stopped, eyes rolling back into her head she began to convulse, the blood from the wounds began to flow unnaturally freely, the clothes unable to contain it anymore, like a river it ran down her legs dripping off her shoes forming a pool onto the floor, everyone in the room began to scream and wail, the figure pushed with its hand on her head, pushing her and the crystal over, smashing like the first upon the ground the blood seemed to soak into the cracks of the crystal, and with each drop the fractures expanded until chunks fell off the whole, revealing another black robed figure now lay upon the floor, the first figure stepped forward.
‘Arise my brother, for you are now reborn, take your place by my side’ The figure heaved itself to its feet, and looked upon the room.
‘I am humbled you would awaken me first brother, are these humans all that remains of our following?’
‘I think not, for they do not bare the mark’
‘But then who…’
‘Now is not the time for such questions, I must awaken the others. If you would care do deal with whatever is occurring outside’
‘Indeed brother’ the first figure picked up another member of the team and moved to the next crystal, the second figure moved towards the door and held both hands out.

Outside of the crypt door people milled about trying to force the bolts back.
‘What happened?!’
‘No one knows we were all at the safety line when the sounds and vibrations started’
‘Where did those clouds come from, its supposed to be clear skies all day’
‘Did you hear that?’
From out of the shadows of one of the side chambers a figure, a boy smiling at the people, who stopped working on the door confused as to where the boy had come from.
‘Please leave this place, father says you shouldn’t be here’
One of the women of the group moved forward, and went to cup the Childs face, but suddenly moved back her face white with fear’
‘He…he…where are his feet’
Indeed the boy’s feet were not there, his legs continued then faded at the knee till nothing was there, He glided forward again.
‘Father says you must leave this place, it is not for you.’ One of the men stepped forward.
‘Who are you?’ The boy frowned
‘Father asks you to leave’
‘But we must get to our friends to make sure they are ok’ the boy cocked his head to one side.
‘Yes friends the ones inside’ the boys face changed from a frown to anger
‘Father demands that you leave this place. Forget your friends, you need them not anymore’
‘We will not leave until we get to our friends’
‘Father orders you to leave now or he will remove you’
‘I do not take orders from your father, we want our friends’ The boy lent his head back and opened his mouth, the ear piercing scream forced them to their knees. His form changed, skin disappeared randomly, clothes became old and tattered yet the screaming continued, until the wraith shot forward through the crowd and across the fields, none could bring themselves to stand even after the screaming had faded into the distance.

‘What is happening outside’ the second turned from the door
‘Nothing important, I have sent a wraith to track down our followers it shouldn’t be long, I can feel that they are close’ the first turned back to the other two now shattered crystals.
‘We must prepare the ceremony for our master, Brother Balladore shall muster our people’

Back at the camp, the remaining Archaeologists ran around trying to cover the artefacts from the sudden rain.
‘Thought they said today was going to be clear’
‘They did’
‘Damned weather men, go back to the van grab some more covers, I’ll be damned if this stuff is going to be ruined by the lovely English weather’ the second man grinned and ran off to the van, while the first continued to wrap the bones.
‘Father says you must leave his people alone’ the man turned with a start
‘Hey there what you doin out in this rain?’
‘Father says he needs his people back, so please put them down’ the man looked puzzle at the boy
‘Tell ya father he can see his people another day, now kid you better go back inside otherwise you’ll catch cold’ the boy moved closer
‘Father says’
‘Look I really can’t be doing with these games I’ve gotta get these bones wrapped up otherwise they’ll be ruined by the rain’
‘Father Demands’
‘Look I’m sorry to be blunt but I really couldn’t give a…’ The man stepped back, the boy began to rise in the air, though no longer a boy, the voice deepened
‘Leave this place, it is not for you’ The man fell backwards, scrambled to his feet and ran for the vehicles, the wraith lowered to the ground again and was once more a boy, walking in amongst the finds from the dig, the boy began to chant, until he stopped back at where he started
‘Father needs his people now, father needs you to go to him’
The canvas’s and covers flew off the finds, bones armour and weapons all began to glow, rising off the floor, bones came together forming joints, joints came together forming body parts, armour settled upon the bones, weapons moving to skeletal hands, the boy turned and began to glide back to the crypt, The skeletal warriors moving behind him slowly.

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Post by deathblane » Tue Sep 30, 2003 10:35 pm

This is pretty good [img]smile.gif[/img] . I do have one question however. Is this skeletal army vulnerable to guns?..... (please say yes ;) )

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Post by reapernoire » Wed Oct 01, 2003 12:26 am

yes no maybe kinda...certainly wont be invulnerable but at the same time, u shoot a bullet at a skeleton u probably have a 50% chance of going inbetween the gaps, and if u do hit, its a mgical being it doesnt really have a vital organ to pierce like a pre-skeletal human :/
I've thought about this alot though, i have a few ideas running around in me head on how to do it, u'll just have to wait and read the next installments [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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Post by InocPrime » Wed Oct 01, 2003 1:22 pm

Perhaps the old cliche of having to knock off it's head to kill it, lol? ;)


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