Crypt - The Second Dark Age

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Post by reapernoire » Fri Nov 21, 2003 10:20 pm

I apologise immensly for the length of time before this update. whole bunch of things have been keepin me busy as of late.
I think i've rushed this bit, but i didnt want the story to fade into nothing so I may update this part in the future


The rest of the team had been arrayed around the final crystal, two of the black figures either side, the first stood behind the central pedestal.
Slamming the book shut the first muttered.
'This filth written about us my brothers must be avenged, Those watchers think they could dis-respect us and our people, expecting no repocutions, then we must show them what a lack of respect has given them, Balladore has the wraith found its quarry?' Balladore looked away from the door and walked to the final crystal.
'My son brings our followers now, let us begin'
Each of the figures began to chant, the flames around the room blossomed, the team now all in shock didn’t even react as the figures began to pick them up and bled them dry, Anderson didn’t even notice the blade as it slashed him again and again, he could feel his pulse slowing, his life flowing away with the blood from his ruptured veins, feeling no pain, his pulse slowing, after all he had seen and heard, knowing his life was flowing away was a blessing for with that last heart beat he knew, it was over.

Outside the people had all but given up no matter how hard they tried the bolts refused to move.
The people were tired and cold from the unexpected rain and emotionally weak after the...boy.
They could no longer see outside of the crypt, a mist hanging infront of the main entrance several decided to go to the vehicles and contact the authorities, when, the boy returned. Most fell immediately to their knees, many made religious signs and began to pray, the boy continued to glide forward smiling sweetly head tipping from one side to the other.
'Father asked you to leave, then he told you, then he demanded'
One man raised his head fighting back tears
'we...we...we just want our friends' The boy stepped smiling, frowned and glided forward a little more, metallic clunking could be heard outside.
'You should have done as father asked, his followers must remove you now, and this way will not be pleasant'
The boy vanished. Clunking shadows could be seen in the mist, the people stared at the entrance almost glad that the boy had gone again but now nervous at what was approaching.
The blurs of shadow became figures, around parts of the figures the glint of metal could be seen. The mist as if commanded to part, revealed the long dead warriors.
The people screamed, as if it was as signal the warriors charged the people, trapped the people stood little chance as the skeleton warriors massacred them, it was over quickly the mists merging once again.

The chamber was filled with an almost blinding light, the walls once again reverberated with chanting, the four figures now all stood around the final crystal, the blood sizzled on the crystal, turning black the cooked blood cracked, underneath the crystal could be heard cracking, with an almighty noise the crystal exploded showering the four with shards, silence, darkness, nothing, except the deep slow rhythmic breathing of the five.
The door scraped open pushing the corpses out of the way. The five stepped out of the main chambers into the corridor flanked by the smaller rooms, the skeletons flanked down either side of the corridor stood to attention. The five walked down the corridor in silence their feet sinking in amongst the corpses the layer of blood.
The mist parted as the five left the entrance, stood in the empty field each surveyed the landscape in front of them, the wraith boy glided from the tree line, head bobbing from side to side stopping in font of Balladore.
‘Father the land has changed, the stars seem dimmed, where are we’ Balladore looked left and right then down at the boy.
‘I think my child we should ask when are we’ the other four nodded to each other, One stepped forward.
‘BROTHERS! We have been caged for too long. The sky seems lighter yet the stars dimmer, fires appear on almost all horizons, this time is indeed strange. The three must be found, wherever their hiding we shall have our vengeance. Balladore Send your Son to find out what the large fires upon the horizon are.’
The wraith glided over to Niagra
‘Master, I have already been to these places, they are not fires, but settlements, some large, the dwellings seem strange, no castle, Baron or garrison seems present just peasants, however one did contain a large church and graveyard’
‘Balladore and Mergoth shall accompany me to the church, maybe more of the dead would be inclined to aid us. Kern, Karn go your seperate ways and see if you can re-awaken the feelings of your clan from the other smaller settlements when you feel ready, join us at the church' Kern and Karn turned to each other
'Blood' Kern sneered
'And Lust dear brother. we must have both' Smiled Karn
'We shall join you with haste master once our clan is rekindled'
The Five moved off to there destinations, the slow march of the skeletons clunking behind them

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Post by reapernoire » Sat Nov 22, 2003 9:41 pm

After yesterdays effort I managed to write more today so two updates in two days...w000

'Come on, jsut one more pint'
'Nah lad gotta get home, wife will castrate me'
'Bah, bloody wife,, one more pint go on'
'I think you've had enough mate'
'I can have mo... hey look those guys thinks its bloody halloween, HEY YOU! halloweeeeny freaky people!!!'
'Leave em alone, your makin a fool of yourself'
'No, no i'm not they are, in like old clothers, look like monks. Hey monk men what ya doin!'
'Quit it, lets just go home. Look you've made them come over now'
'I dont care what they gonna do little monk men'
'Their not little'
'are you, you...are you sayin I cant take em?!'
'No i'm just saying i wanna go home'
'HEY! monk men, he thinks your 'ard, but i dont, no no no not me!' Niagra flanked by Balladore and Mergoth stopped twenty feet from the two men
'Foolish peasant, you will learn to respect me, even if it means your death' The drunken man turned to his friend
'Did he?...did...did he just call me a peasant...OI! you cheeky arse I aint no bloody peasant, who the hell do you think your talkin to?'
'A man...just, a man' Niagra nodded, Balladore made a gesture with his arm
'What you wavin your 'and for you some kinda bloody fa...' He looked left and right
'John I think i've had too much to drink'
'No mate I dont think you have'
'But...but i'm seein' walking skeletons'
'So am I lad...RUN!' The two turned on their heel and ran back into the pub.
Raucious laughter came from inside, four men helped the two drunks to the door.
'Looks lads enough, come back when you've sobe... what the' The six men stood wide eye'd at what was before them, Mergoth stepped forward pointing at the men.
'A plague upon your Village' tipping his hooded head back a thick black swarm of flies burst forth flying straight for the men, frozen to the spot with fear, the flies flew straight at them. Most went past them into the pub, but many filled their mouths ears and nostrils, clawing at their faces tehy fell to the floor choking.

Karn and Kern stood in a house on the edge of a village, the occupying family sat motionless on the floor, the baby crying from lack of sleep, the child crying just wanting to be held by his mother, the mother sobbing, the father trying to be strong for his family yet a tear still trickled down his cheek. Kern took out a knife as Karn picked up the baby, the parents eyes widened in hopelessness the tears now flowing freely down the fathers face as he was held sat on the floor by some invisible force. Karn turned to Kern,
'The most potent blood is always the youngest to awaken the lust' The mother screamed, teh fatehr pleading
'Please...I beg you please, take me instead'
Kern turned to the father
'The youngest blood merely starts the process, we shall take you as well and the rest of your family, for the lust is insatiable and can never be quenched once it has begun' Kern nodded, Karn slashed the babies throat, the blood streaming down Kerns robes, the family wailed in horror almost as if a choir accompanying Karn and Kerns chanting, as the blood dripped off Kerns robes it hit the floor and turned to mist, filling the room. The family couldnt help but breath it, the mother began to retch, her eyes darting left to right in panic, she caught her husbands face, pupils wide red froth flecked from the corners of his mouth, she was still unable to move and could do nothing as he lept upon her biting, pulling, tearing at her flesh, she screamed Futilely as her son still sat wooped and clapped at the carnage, red froth dripping from his lips...

The flies had dispersedm the village was dead or dieing, Niagra stood with the other two in the graveyard, a priest on his knees shaking on the steps of his church, reciting every holy word he had ever read, several skeletons had circled him and were baying like dogs, and he thrust his cross towards any of the skeletons that tried to get closer, Niagra stepped past them and up the first couple of steps.
'Back DEVIL!' The priest cried, covering his face holding his cross at arms length.
'Old man, do not offend me with such names. If the devil existed he would bow to me, for I am far worse than your Fictitous demons' reaching out his hand he wrapped it round the priests hand with the cross. The priest yelped and dropped the cross, which white hot had melted, the silver dribbling down the steps, the priest cupped his burnt hand crying. Balladore stepped forward.
'Keep im alive, make him watch what a church should be used for' The Skeletons moved past forcing the doors open...

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Post by InocPrime » Thu Nov 27, 2003 4:42 pm

Really enjoyed that section reap, good job.


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