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Post by bzb » Fri Aug 29, 2003 11:45 pm

You see, you can guess what im going to do, but then as you can see it would take me a year to do.

The Shire was a small place hidden from the rain by Wales. It was a green and rolling landscape with much natural wildlife and amazing plants. Although the Shire covered a large area of countryside its population density was rather low, it was a farming community that did little trade, the inhabitants generally grew only enough crops to sustain themselves with no scope for trade or growth. The centre of the Shire was a small watering hole that served Potato scrumpy, the watering hole was known as Death’s Dorr. It was a rural, thatched pub and Horse brasses hung from every available space, excessively polished by the land lady, Helga. Helga was 6’1” blond and as hard as nails, her husband Eric the landlord was only 4’1” so you can guess who sorted the trouble.
Eric had plenty of war stories to tell and the younger of the regulars who would gather around to hear his tales. Amongst those youngsters were Trevor and Frogo who had been friends for life, they were as close as brothers.
On there way back from the Death’s Dorr Trevor and Frogo got into a truth or dare competition, after Frogo had tripped and knocked the wing mirror off mr Delayneys brand new cart. Frogo dared Trevor to urinate into the villages well. Trevor was to brave to say no and ran off towards the main square and the well itself. Frogo watched from a safe distance. Trevor undid his fly and released his potion into the well. All of a sudden Brokenwurst ran toward the lads shouting “I saw that”, Trevor hastily zipped up his trousers (leaving a damp trail down to his knee) and ran off towards the near by woods.
Trevor and Frogo gasped for breath as soon as they thought it was safe for them to stop. The wood was dense and the floor covered in forest ferns.
“I Know your in there!” blasted the voice of Brokenwurst.
Frogo whispered to Trevor “stay still, don’t make a sound”
Brokenwurst’s voice blasted again and the pair jumped, and crept deeper into the forest. The still of the nights air and the plentiful quantity of scrumpy the pair had consume soon got to them and they fell asleep next to each other.

Frogo awoke first finding his head wedge between the buttress roots of a great tree, he turned to his side and looked at Trevor sleeping. Trevor was so engrossed in a dream of fighting the Dorcs that his fists were hitting the tree’s roots as he slept. Frogo shook his friend to wake him up, Trevor’s glazed eyes soon stared back into the recesses of his friends skull until he realised where he was. The pair sat up and stared at the dirt in front of them, trying to justify what there memories were telling them had happened. The justification came soon enough as they heard a Brokenwurst scream
“Find them!”
The pair rocketed to there feet and fled deeper into the wood until they could run no further. Frogo glanced a ditch to his left and flew towards it, grabbing Trevor as he went. The two landed and instinctively lent up against the side as the search gang passed overhead. About fifteen minutes passed before the Trevor stood and and surveyed the horizon
“All clear” Trevor pronounced, Frogo slipped as he tried to find his balance in order that he could double check the situation, before agreeing
“yes” replied Trevor
“so what do we do know?”
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Post by InocPrime » Fri Aug 29, 2003 11:47 pm

How clever [img]smile.gif[/img] Frogo is such a clever wee lil las [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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Post by deathblane » Sat Aug 30, 2003 1:20 am

LOL, To be honest that made more sense than I would have expected, considering the title. And especialy considering the author ;) .....


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