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Post by Xiggy » Tue Aug 19, 2003 7:51 am

The quaking of the massive plasma engines, the pinpricks of every micro meteor that collided into the hull, the soreness of the ship’s damages where felt throughout Avery’s body. He was the ship. A trillion bytes of data coursed through the connection into his neck. From there, the massive amounts of information were translated into pulses that his nervous system could read. Avery was the ship, it’s soul, it’s mind, it’s conscience.

It was always challenging when hooked into the ship. It’s hard to juggle of what your body is feeling and sensing, and what the ship is feeling and sensing. It’s almost a harmonic hypnotism. The feeling of power you feel is impossible to put into words. It is true euphoria. But it really bites you in the ass when things like weapons fire brings you back to reality.

The U.S.S Pioneer, the largest ship built by the human race. Built before the end of the Twenty First century, the Pioneer was built by the United States in their monumental effort to explore and colonize outside of the Sol system. The Pioneer and her sister ship, the U.S.S Explorer, were the pinnacle of spacecraft design. Sixty meters tall, forty-five meters thick, and an impressive two hundred meters long. Most of the space aboard the Explorer and Pioneer was taken up by the cavernous cargo bays that housed the supplies for the projected five-year journey the ships were expected to take. Not to mention the fact the Explorer and Pioneer would also leave the supplies needed to start a colony once a habitable and unoccupied planet was found.

After the simultaneous launch of the Explorer and Pioneer on January 1, 2100, both ships traveled on their projected routes. The Explorer headed to Alpha Centauri, while the Pioneer sent off towards Arcturus. If either ship couldn’t find a hospitable planet in four years, they were to head back to Earth.

Avery mentally sighed as he closed out the graphic image in his mind. It was October 25, 2103 and the Pioneer hadn’t found a planet that both supported life but didn’t have any indigenous civilizations already there. The voyage had been successful, however, in the sense that the Pioneer had made contact with three humanoid societies, one of them where explorers of a distant empire which resided in the opposite side of the galaxy. Another good thing is the fact that none of the people they meant had it in their interest to invade the Sol System.

But a surprise came in the form of an ancient minefield of sorts. The Pioneer happened upon what the captain thought was a derelict satellite network in orbit of a barren world. He was unfortunately mistaken. The Pioneer took substantial damage, which forced his executive officer, sensor and communications operator, chief engineer, all but eight crew members, and ever colonist into cold sleep. All that was left awake was Captain John Wallace, Lieutenant Commander Hector Sanchez, and Ensign Avery Stewart.

When connected to the ship, Avery’s eyes see two different things. His left eye watches the real world, while the right eye monitors sensors. His right eye noticed several new contacts approaching the Pioneer.

“Captain, several contacts inbound. Unknown configuration, they are not transmitting any recognition signals we have seen before.”

“Are they hostile?” the captain growled.

“I don’t know sir,” Avery replied.

“Sanchez, ready the pulse cannons.”

“Sir?” Sanchez looked up from his console.

“Are you deaf you damn idiot? I said ready the pulse cannons!”

“Aye, but sir, how do we know if they’re hostile? Shouldn’t we try to communicate?”

“They are coming in fast, and I don’t like that. I’ve already taken the privilege of powering up the guns, now you fire them.”

“But sir!” Sanchez pleaded.

The alien ships noticed the powered up weapons and responded with a volley of missiles. The missiles streaked towards the Pioneer in various directions. They struck their targets unopposed. That one volley severely damaged the Pioneer.

“DAMN IT! Sanchez, I order you to open fire on those attackers right now before I shoot you in the head for insubordination!”

“Aye, por favor, shut up! Why didn’t you try to communicate with them? Maybe if you decided to be more cordial they wouldn’t be taking pot shots at us! What are you thinking?!?”

“Why you….” The captain began to get out of his chair and his hand slipped down to his holstered pistol.

“Captain he’s right. The orders the President gave us before leaving was to communicate with any new species we find. By powering up the cannons and not trying to hail them you disobeyed HIS orders…”

“I’ve had enough of your treasonous actions!” the captain quickly removed his gun, and fired off a shot at Avery. Avery ducked in time, but the bullet hit his panel. The panel overloaded and a jolt of electricity traveled its way through Avery’s connection to the ship, instantly electrocuting him.

The captain looked over at Avery’s body limp body on the floor. “One bastard down, one to go.” He looked up at Sanchez. “Lieutenant Commander Sanchez, I find you guilty of treason and insubordination. The punishment will be a prompt execution. Do you have any last yet worthless requests?”

Avery’s mind was a blizzard of data. The electrocution hadn’t completely killed him or severed his connection to the ship. He was still able to control the ship. He then tried to power up the subspace drive.

“Subspace drive- offline. There are currently no available crew members to fix the problem.” The ship’s text reply echoed itself throughout Avery’s head. He then accessed the Relativity drive.

“Warning- Relativity drive malfunctioning.”

“Well, the damn thing is gonna send take us out of the timeline anyway.” Avery thought.

The captain pointed the pistol at Sanchez and his finger began to pull back on the trigger. “You didn’t answer my question, SanCHEZ?

“I think he wants you to burn in hell, captain.” Avery groaned as he activated the Relativity drive. The drive activated despite the damage, but the effects of the Relativity drive was much more intense than normal. The time inside the Pioneer slowed down. Sanchez pulled out his pistol and took aim at the mad captain, who was gawking at Avery as he sent the ship into faster than light speed. The captain noticed Sanchez aiming for him, and pointed his gun at Sanchez. They both looked at each other and pulled their own triggers, releasing a bullet. The malfunctioning drive’s effects reached a peak when finally time aboard the Pioneer stopped completely, but not before the bullets from Sanchez and the Captain impacted upon their desired targets.

Subspace drive was the engine of choice for long distance journeys since it was free of the negative effects of the Relativity drive. In subspace, time passes normally but when using the Relativity drive, time slows speeds up on the outside of the ship during faster than light travel...

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Post by Calavan » Wed Aug 20, 2003 1:34 am

I like it, good mix of kind of funny dialouge with some real interesting ideas in it, and i just like how it reads. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Post by deathblane » Sat Aug 23, 2003 1:03 pm

Great begining [img]smile.gif[/img] , but, is there going to be more?


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