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Postby adrian shepard » Sat Apr 03, 2004 1:50 pm

time is 3400, earth has frozen other due to a comet hiting it, several years later, the surviving humans climb out of their shelters, and build a three citys that claim them self as kingdoms, food is limited and dragon like beings have came to earth with the comet, there are three main citys, one controled by the old U.S. another ontop of old england, controled by the survivers and a third, controled by traders and nomads, who ever wants to play, choose one of the four sides ( u.s. traders brit or dragon) choose a speciality ( no super weapon shit).

armor and weaponry goes like this:

you start with 300 units, you can buy armor and weapons with them, starting weapons and armor are:


laser lash 50 - ( nomads will start with this weapon and one more)
used by the nomads to control their various animals, has three power setings, stun, cut and kill.

plasma blaster 150- a standard weapon carried by soldiers before the meteor hit, the gun shoots super heated balls of plasma kept in a metal ball, great for shooting through snow and ice.

grenade launcher 200- mainly used against dragons, the grenades are built with added wings for stability, can peirce through dragon and human armor as one, can load plasma blaster ammo to create a burst of fire.

Armor-Piercing Rifle 100- Fires 9 inch bullets able to cleave even the best of physical armors.

Fusion Cannon 350- Nuclear powered artillery capable of decimating a target area far larger than the grenade launcher and doing far more damage there, but has an insane cooldown rate between shots.

( dragons start with claws, tail and teeth as weapons, can add customised weapons with time )


metal scales 50- metal scales that defend from laser lashs, some defence from grenades.

electron shield 150- great against plasma blasters, and laser lashs, but does not defend against grenades and the plasma blasters metal ball inside.

Force Shield 200- short-lasted shield in one direction, providing near immunity from that side for the duration.

dragon scales 250- great defence against all weapons exept grenades, keeps user warm even when most armors shut down or freeze, when used by dragons adds as anothe layer of defence.

( dragons can not buy metal scales )


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Postby adrian shepard » Sat Apr 03, 2004 1:53 pm

my charter:

Nomad - Ch'alsai of the dragon clan

speciality - zhyllis rider, has great tracking and survival abilitys.

weapons - laser lash x2

armor - dragon scales
adrian shepard
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Postby InocPrime » Sat Apr 03, 2004 10:41 pm

My character:

Nomad - Robert of the Stewart Clan

Weapon - Plasma Blaster

Armour - Electron Shield

Specialty - Excellent swimmer and general survivalist
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Postby reapernoire » Sun Apr 04, 2004 12:16 am

I dont really know how these work but what the hell

Brit - Colonel Gaunt, Her Majestys Tanith Rangers

Weapon - Armour piercing rifle

Armour - Metal Scales, Electron shield

Speciality - Marksman, Great Scout and Stealth abilities

I wasnt sure, can i have two armours, cos one sounds like armour thats worn, and the other a shield???
Is that right. whats next?

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Postby adrian shepard » Sun Apr 04, 2004 7:41 pm

its ok with the armor, if nobody else joins by saterday, then we begin as it is.

( mainly coz im not gonna be here from wen-sat )
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