Archipeligan Warfare Storyline

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Archipeligan Warfare Storyline

Post by Xaritix » Tue May 23, 2006 10:31 pm

I have a mod for Battlefield 2 called Archipeligan Warfare, here is the storyline:

In the Archipeligan year 3000, two nations, the totalitarian S.N. Empire*, and the democratic J.N. Republic*, have been having conflict and fear of eachother for thousands of years, the S.N., with their female dominated warrior culture, will kill anybody who gets in the way of their empire

The archipeligo is, all together, about the size of the former Warsaw Pact (The USSR and Eastern Europe during the 1950s-1980s), and the J.N. homeland, the Jyrta Continent, was about the size of Argentina, whail the S.N. controlled chains of small islands, the largest island of which is a continent with extreme arctic conditions

Now the actual storyline: In the year 2998, S.N. patrols intercept and destroy a J.N.R (J.N. Republic) freight ship carring weapons to rebels throught the S.N. terretories, simmilar incidents happen for a year untill the shippings stop, but weeks after the shipping of weapons stop, the J.N.R attack the S.N held city of Aafgiir-Kan, a city in the middle of a desert island about the size of Texas

In response, the S.N.K.K (the S.N. military) mobilizes an assault on the northern part of the Jyrta Continent, the S.N.K.K command sends over 700,000 well armed soldiers along with hundreds of tanks, jeeps, and helicopters with the assault force, 500,000 of the soldiers sent are sent up the Jyrta River, which runs through the entire Jyrta Continent including passing through the J.N. capital city of Jyrta-Kan

The third of the 3 large nations, the C.N.F, is a democratic federation of 10 states controlled by a council of 20 "councellors", the C.N.F is allied with the S.N., but don't necesarily trust them. The S.N. were imfamous for their brutal treatment of foreign civilians, when they conquered a city, it was common for the S.N. officers to use a civilian as a shield during battle and beat-up the local native civilians (all the S.N soldiers were female). In response, the C.N.F sends around 300,000 troops to the southern tip of the Jyrta Continent, their intention was to attempt to capture major cities before the S.N. do

This is where we stop, the ending is up to you, the people who will play the mod when it comes out, the mod will have maps based on major archipeligan battles, and when the mod is done I will form a bf2 tournament centered around the mod, it will have a battlemap of the Jyrta Continent and major battles marked on the map as control points and whatever

How do you like the storyline?

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