(Star Trek) USS Titan, NCC-80102

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(Star Trek) USS Titan, NCC-80102

Post by Pierce 2: The Sequel » Sat Oct 15, 2005 3:41 am

You can check my blog for a rant on this particular subject... but the short version is that Pocket books wanted a design for the ship that Riker took command of after Nemesis, to coincide with their launch of a series of novels set on said ship )the Titan).

I didn't get my version done in time to enter the contest, but here's what I got done (with, of course, some help from my friend CommanderJones ;) )

Image Image

Here it is in scale (length was determined by the contest specifications at 450 meters) with the Galaxy and Sovereign:


And here's a couple of test renders I did with a Danube runabout and Type 11 shuttle:

Image Image

The Titan is mentioned as carrying eight Type 11's in the first novel, and also as at one point having a Danube parked in its "main" shuttlebay (which suggests an "auxiliary" one somewhere, despite the fact that all of the Type 11's were in the "main" ::) ), so I wanted to see how feasible that was with this design.

(Credits: Galaxy, Sovereign and Danbue by Trekmods team; Type 11 from Elite Force 2, ported to SFC by DarkDrone; Titan design by me, model by CommanderJones.)

We never did get around to adding the bridge module or figuring out where some locations mentioned in the novel, or for that matter the weapons, are. (But see my rant for more info on that ;) ).

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