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Post by Swifty » Mon Apr 21, 2003 4:31 pm

Just a quick question... Image

I have read your texture guide on making texture maps and found it most useful. Though I am abouslte crap at making textures , i do need some help.

1, How can i prevent my textures looking horrible streched ? - I cut away the texture and paste it onto a hull texture - invert it (using PSP ) Then i place it onto a new texture map, and the cut away section look like the hull...execpt the hull texture is now horrible streched.

2, How can i add detail and what sort of detail should i add? All i ever seem to think of is windows, markings and panels :P

3, kinda goes with question 1, When i take pics in 3dex - how do i make them high res but small enough to fit onto a 256 texture map. When i cut away n paste n stuff, the cut away section is usually low res , if i try to use a bigger pic, it doesnt fit onto the map.

Cheers Image

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