Finally, R2 Mothergate complete!!

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Post by Mr Gloomy » Sun Apr 06, 2003 5:10 pm

Greetings all!

The Insurgency mothergate is complete and only needs a few fiddles to get it in game working. Its taken me bloomin' ages, mainly due to technical problems and a very busy lifestyle...all of which is pretty slow right now due to having no cash, bugger. Anyway, the mothergate is finished so please enjoy and hopefully I should have some in game shots'hopes!

(Big pics btw!)



Mr Gloomy Image - Should be starting soon on the Mol'Dom version!

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Post by Shadegrown » Sun Apr 06, 2003 5:32 pm

Amazing! Cool desing and textures are superb! Image

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Post by reapernoire » Sun Apr 06, 2003 6:23 pm

That is bloody amazin mate
my hat is off to u, and my shoes, socks...less face it even if i was nekkid, i wouldnt be showin u enough respect for that model.

Superb work matey

One question, is it as big as it looks Image

any chance of a pic with a fighter or corvette to get an idea of scale?

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Post by Nighpher » Mon Apr 07, 2003 10:46 pm

WOW! thats fresh!

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Post by Mr Gloomy » Mon Apr 07, 2003 11:03 pm

Believe it or not, the mothergates aren't actually that huge, just very big. At a later stage I hope to create cap ships that nearly equal its size but these hopefully won't dwarf the screen. As you can see from the design, these vessels are designed to be staging grounds for fleet operations. In the DS universe there are far larger units like construction stations that create the main fleet. These units are then guided via mothergates into hostile areas or unexplored regions. From know on the designs of the R2 fleet should comply to the limitations of the mothergates...not to wide or tall but long and well armed, the same is true for the Mol'Dom too. Mexing this bitch is proving to be a bugger but I'm half-way there. As for weapons, the mothergates have several weapons points and the temperal phase gate effect of the mothergate creates a re-enforced phase shield for these units. Mothergates are all over the universe, some better than others but to make fleet operations work, these units are deployed as beacons for hyperspace travel. In the DS universe hyperspace travel is a random affair were units can get lost easily (space is very big). To send an entire fleet to a single co-ordinate to meet up for battle is near impossible. That's were mothergate come in, by creating a huge focused (stable) jumpgate for other allied vessels to lock onto, co-ordinating fleet operations is made easier and less hazardous. Sending an entire fleet into unknown territory is suicide so sending a single large unit is more effective and a whole lot more practical for DS forces (these statements are fictional and 'MADE-UP' so don't get all steamed-up if it doesn't sound 'Star Trek' enough).

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Post by theblessedsheridan » Mon Apr 07, 2003 11:12 pm

Image Once again Mr G blows our socks off! This was certainly well worth the wait!

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Post by TheOneNamedViper » Mon Apr 07, 2003 11:50 pm


*standing ovations*

Image Image Image Image Image

Great stuff. Image

*edit* Btw Mr.Gloomy, in case you've read of my recent HD crash in the general discussion forum, you don't have to worry, I have my comp up and running nominally again, and all of my liflist stuff is on the disk that didn't die, so it's all good. I just haven't reinstalled ICQ yet. *edit*

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Post by Entala Zaru » Tue Apr 08, 2003 8:33 pm


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Post by Sjet vs. Kerrigan » Tue Apr 08, 2003 9:27 pm

I can't see the pictures! Not even a red x. Image

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Post by SyntaxVorlon » Thu Apr 10, 2003 2:34 am

Nice stuff


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