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Post by Mr Gloomy » Wed Sep 17, 2003 7:56 pm

Greetings all,

Its been some time but I'm still around. At the moment I'm still working on my layouts and the Mol'Dom mothergate but the near arrival of HW2 may alter things quite a bit. With the superior mechanics of HW2 it seems rather silly trying to finish a whole mod (by myself) for a game that is officially to old to give a damn. While I still love HW, HW2 will of course gain more interest than its crusty older brother considering Relic seem's to of listened to its fans and improved upon an already brilliant game.

My first impressions on playing HW2 is that is seems lovely and the possibilities are far greater so it seems the HW Dark Star has been caught in the evolution trap and therefore it seems pointless to continue the mod using HW1 technology. If there is enough interest out there to drive the mod in the HW1 environment then I shall continue but otherwise, is there a point? I'll be honest, I'm getting bored with the current DS material but there is still some passion there. As I've mentioned many times before, I'm currently more concerned with working on my portfolio but I think it maybe time to round off the 'LAST' release of the DS mod for HW1. This would include the R1/R2 fighters, corvettes, resource vessels and the mothergates...not much really.

While I am happy to see HW2 coming from the distance I am also sad since it may cause the death of many fine mods even if people deny it. Right now I'm considering the birth of a new DS concept, related in its universe but of the second age, a age of greed and magical warfare. I hope that HW2 is as easy to mod as its predecessor since it takes valuable time to learn such things. If it is, I hope to make a mod that still continues my fight of design over poly-counts. What I mean by this is that I hope to be able to design vessels of beauty without having to pile on the poluy's for the sake of it. Since I'm a one man modder, I have to keep it simple so keep your eyes peeled and if there is still some 'genuine' offers of help in this next project, let me know. Meurig and Steelviper, it would be great to make an original mode with you guys so let me know ;)

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Post by Meurig » Wed Sep 17, 2003 8:31 pm

Very sensible I think, DA is leaving the B5 universe entirely, we've posted some stuff up on our forum already if you want to have a look at that.
Both Steelviper and myself are busy with real life things at the moment though, both involving moving around a lot, but when we're settled we'll get back to you on this, sounds like a good idea to me!

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Post by Nighpher » Wed Sep 17, 2003 9:42 pm

best of luck to yah.

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Post by stormbornchild » Thu Sep 18, 2003 8:31 pm


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Post by Sjet vs. Kerrigan » Thu Sep 18, 2003 9:33 pm

Originally posted by Mr Gloomy:
I hope that HW2 is as easy to mod as its predecessor
Your head is broken!

I'd love to see you get excited about making ships again; good things happen when that happens.


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