ascpher "multiplayer online roleplaying stratergy"

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Post by Entala Zaru » Wed Feb 26, 2003 10:58 pm

ascpher is a game that has just gone into the making by me and my bro today here the story its gonna be a "multiplayer (online) roleplaying stratergy"
that's a mouth full

here the story so far so far

The year is 50,000 By this time mankind has expanded to a whole other galaxy, this took thousands of years of slow outward expansion, Earth was left behind some 20,000 years ago.
There is no main governmental force, just large corporations. With no real laws or armed police force a society of pirates, miners, traders, and mercenaries evolved quickly. The once legal tension between the corporations in the form of paper work has become more aggressive, this tension eventually made the corps make friends and foe with each other. The corps would employ large fleets of people selling their services to “Corps” that pays the most.
In the year 49,952 there was a first contact with an empire of peaceful coexistent races called “The Brie” that formed to fight an invading empire from a distant universe called The Flaxxy.
Mankind refused the offer to join the Brie but they did offer when there services when the flaxxy started attacking mankind
“The Brie” employed mankind giving man technology as a payment.
Because of mankind’s ability to adapt new tech, one being The Brie’s Subspace drives system.
This technology combined with the either drive tech.
(Either drive Lets you to become energy and travel at the speed of light, sadly this is too dangerous, there are too many obstacles the can change a set course or scatter energy, the ability to go into subspace then use the either drive system became widely used).
Sub-either drive tech was formed letting mankind travel faster then any other known race.
This gave an advantage against the flaxxy and they were soon stopped from expanding in two weeks after the first engagement.
With the new tech, corps were soon expanding to previously unexplored systems setting up colonies and space stations as they went.
This 48-year period became known as the great expansion.
And now mankind has settled back into its society of pirates, miners, traders, mercenaries and explorers.
Now a new period has just began “the corporate wars”

you buy different ships, weapons, armor and other tech types from the corporations and/or traders then accept jobs like: kill this person, capture this ship/person explore this system, build this space station here, attack this "corp" on this day blah blah

were gonna make a 2d version to work out all the maths involved then put it into 3d

im gonna work on getting a team of modlers when it gets to the 3d stage

im looking for ideas

i posted this here because
mr gloomy i love your ship desighs so when it comes to the 3d stage i may ask you if you would like to help

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Post by Mr Gloomy » Thu Feb 27, 2003 10:20 pm

Well I'm a busy fella these days but it does sound rather interesting given the story and concept is used to its full potential. Providing I have some spare time or in fact, I create some original designs in my current portfolio sketchbooks, I can post some in the near future to give you some ideas. I'm drawing a whole more nowadays so making some flashy designs should be fun. I'm quite confident that I can make some designs a whole lot more interesting than my current DS material since I look at it now and think that my old designs are crude and limited.

Mr Gloomy Image - I'll keep you posted

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Post by Entala Zaru » Thu Feb 27, 2003 11:47 pm

oh no rush itill take a year give or take
till we get to the 3d stage Brad Mick says hi

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