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Post by bzb » Tue Nov 09, 2004 12:27 am

I think it hates me, honestly. I put a differnt index on if this works; (yeah, i took the brackets and html header thing out cause this server hates me and therfore if i left it in the entire forum would just loop back to the main page forever.

<title>You are being redirected</title>
meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=">


body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000" link="#00FF00" vlink="#CCFFFF" alink="#FFFF66"

If you can see this you have been playing with your browser settings and are
a very naughty boy. Go outside and run into a wall a few times until you learn
some sense. It is not fair to anyone else on the internet for you to have to
be so damn different, its just not on. </p>

Have you learnt your lesson yet? or are you just plain bored of this page?</p>

<a href="http|//">Click here then, all the effort i
went to in order to automate this process is entirely wasted on you</a></p>

Look at that, even the link colours get messed up in your browser.</p>

Should be a simple re-direct page and it dont crash my comp when i try it here.

That works fine for works website which is hosted on a crap server just like this one (i changed the wording a little of course).

I did forget to tell Tex that i put this here but that shouldnt be a problem either (i made a pretty little crap site for the cos im bored of that dam picture). The pictures shouldnt work btw, i was seeing if the forum 'island' (me get technical) would work.

*hangs head in shame* i used cute ftp to upload with, i am capable of much better. Can a shite ftp client kill a server?
I wouldnt say so but i remeber that the same thing happened last time i change the .org index page although i diddnt use cute ftp that time.

BTW sorry i diddnt reboot it last night, i deserve to be spanked by sexy ladies (please).
Cheese is evil.

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