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Post by bzb » Wed Sep 28, 2005 9:44 am

Just wondering if any of you had experiance of it . I have Instant accounts which is one user (although there is a multy user version), ive set it up accross a network so you access it at any desk so long as no one else is using it.
I think ive worked out which file you need to add users to, the trouble is that there is no in program option to change which user you log in as. Any one has at a guess where this might be stored?

I was thinking it would be in Sage.usr (cunning) but i cant be sure as its in crap language, file contains `ÊÚÊÚÚÚÚÚÛÚ¾ÉY™ù¹ÙÚ¯¾¿ïÎÚ and if im right that stands for MANAGER, just wouldnt know how to change that to mean something else. If anyone else uses a multi version (and has there own log in) of sage line 50 or line 100 i suppose could you look for the file, opens with notepad and see if it says something different to what i posted.
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