The best free, open source or odd games

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The best free, open source or odd games

Post by bzb » Thu Nov 26, 2009 11:36 pm

Since I object that COD4MW2 was released with a price tag of £40, more so because it is a console game ported to the PC. Hence I think it time to dabble into the world of free games for a bit of a laugh.
Also I’m getting somewhat tired of FPS games, they are a dead end of imagination with nothing left to improve but how they are rendered which is tiresome, they are always limited to the concept of red vs blue which makes new games money for old rope.

In the world of free and weird games you do get to at least see some imagination and something that is a bit different. This is even true of the remakes of classic games, especially where those games were not developed further.

I haven’t played all of these but they look okay, especially since some of them are free.

Add to this as you find them

Rigs of Rods

I guess you would call this a physics simulator to do it justice but its vehicle based.
Quite interesting since cars have axles so you can go rock crawling or try to play conkers with giant cranes.
Incredibly hard on hardware but that just means your getting value for money.


18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker

A new version of Truck simulator... its... a little boring, but it is something different.

Free trial

Open TTD

Open source clone of transport tycoon deluxe. Simply classic.

Super TuxKart

Mario Kart, it doesn’t get better than Mario Kart.


SimCity Classic

Yeah... you have to register but it is Sim City.

Hunting Unlimited 2010
Another great hunting game from SCS!

Lin City NG

Essentially transport tycoon but slightly different.


UFO: Alien Invasion

Turn based strategy in the X-COM style.


Farming Simulator 2009

Possibly the last game in the world you might expect to find but there it is.
Haven’t played it since it costs money but it definitely wins for weird.

Frets On Fire

Guitar Hero for free


Train signal simulator, pure class on a stick.
Needless to say that this isn’t available in your local store!


BVE Trainsim

Diddnt get this to work on Windows 7... equally didn’t really try to.
Its a train simulator for free because, as we all know, its the price that puts us off buying train simulators.


Open source flight simulator, given that MS gave up on the idea I guess it is the future.



An open source racing simulator and the free part is the most important.
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Post by TheOneNamedViper » Fri Nov 27, 2009 10:24 am

I got one for the list:


There's a demo available for download, and the full game isn't expensive. It's very alternative in its gameplay: You grow trees on your planet and then send seeds off to colonize neighboring planets. But beware of rival trees, their seeds have a sting.
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Post by bzb » Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:55 am

I've heard that Farming Simulator is quite addictive.... I'm sorry to say that I'm quite tempted!
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