realisticWARFARE Modification

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realisticWARFARE Modification

Post by Alpaka1993 » Wed May 27, 2009 9:53 pm


The realisticWARFARE mod has now been going for 3 months and so far the first version has been downloaded by over 650 people.
I have already set up 2 web sites, one for all my mods -
and one for the realisticWARFARE mod (website currently under construction) -

The point of realisticWARFARE is to make a sucsessful mini-mod for Battlefield 2 which tries to make Battlefield 2 as realistic as possible. I know there are already other mods for this (PR is one of them) but they take ages to download and are very large in size (PR 0.85 is over 2GB in total). I am hoping for the size of realisticWARFARE never to excede 300MB.

Version 0.2 of realisticWARFARE will be released on 25th June 2009 at 6.00pm (GMT) approx.

For version 0.3, i hope for the mod to expand greatly. For v0.3, i am looking for Mappers, Moddlers, Beta Testers, Sound Editors, Skinners and also people with experience in photoshop to make logo's and web banners for the mod.

If you wish to apply to be in this mod then either post an application here or send one to me via email OR you can add me on xfire, my xfire name is also Alpaka1993

My email is

Here is a sample application Form that you can use:
Location: (City, State/Province, Country)
Sex/Gender: (Male/Boy or Female/Girl)
Best way to contact you:
Skill level:
Thanks, i hope that people wish to join my mod.

From Alpaka-Whacker (Mod Leader)

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